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Do not do this EVER!

stopI’ve had my little blog for a couple years now.  I’ll get really into it and post regularly and then something happens.

I get writers block or feel like “who cares what I have to say” or some other kind of mentally freezing syndrome that shoves blogging to the very bottom of the ladder.

The anxiety of starting to post again with the used too often “I’ve been away for a long time and I’m so sorry” just makes me feel even more meh, for lack of a better term.

I realize that all my followers (which I can count using my fingers and toes) are impatiently waiting on the daily for my mind blowing, world changing posts about totally random things I find important but nonetheless, I needed a moment, or week, or month, or season to get back into it.

Maybe this is “ghosting”??

I digress….. the thing you should NEVER do if you have a blog is try to clean up your available storage space and delete most of your photos.  The little warning message that pops up asking are you sure you want to do this? …… Take heed to that.

What it should read goes something like this:
Yo, do you realize that you are about to delete all the photos from your posts too? Once you confirm that YES, I want to delete, ALL your posts that include ALL these pictures will be affected by this action.  Instead of a pretty picture there will be a broken image icon thingy in it’s place.  Therefore all the hours you put into finding or creating photos and inserting them into your posts WILL BE FOR NOTHING!!  You will have to go back and spend numerous more hours relocating the pictures and re-inserting them into the posts.  

*facepalm*   *facepalm*   *facepalm*

THANK GOODNESS I found a way to recover most of my accompanying photos from my posts.  However, this does not make it easy by any means.  I still have to go back through each post and insert pictures….. yeah, EACH POST.  *insert bad word here* Slowly I will do this.  Understand that it takes time and please feel sympathy if you read one of my posts that reads like there is a missing photo.  I will be over here accepting your sympathy and trying to find and repost all of them.

So, as with each day of my life, I learn.  Some lessons are harder than others and some have me thinking well lookie there while others have me face palming, my life lessons are in abundance.  And even though it’s a pain the the you-know-what, it’s what makes life interesting.


12ish – Days of Christmas – My FAVorite Things!!! Lashes


Let me start by saying I have had uncooperative lashes forEVER.

L’Oreal Lash Pradise

I have tried Latisse, I have tried extensions, I have tried falsies.  I have tried NUMEROUS types of mascara.  From the cheap, cheap to the luxury expensive (not like $100 but you get the point).  Moving right along:

L’Oreal Lash Paradise is hands down THE BEST mascara I have ever had.  I am on my 5th tube.  I think it’s the brush that makes it so fab.  It is a MUST HAVE in my book so if you haven’t tried it get to CVS or Target or where-ever and pick it up.  Seriously girl, go get it!  I find it at my local CVS and use my CVS bucks to get it for a super low price.  I think right now it is under $10!!



I used Latisse for a while until i felt like it stopped working.  It was so expensive to repurchase I said forget it and let my lashes return to their pitiful much shorter state.  I also might add my lashes are a lighter brownish color so when I don’t have mascara on people usually ask me if I’m tired or if I don’t feel good.  Don’t you just love those brutally honest comments sometimes – haha.  Especially when they come from the overly personal stranger.  *smh

Anyways, my point being I made a rule for myself:   I must not leave the house without doing something to my lashes, at the least, to not look like the living dead, right?

*Story Time* – If you don’t want to read my little story you can just scroll down to the next picture and save yourself from the dramatic details of my Lash Issues :/

I was so tired of Blah Lashes.  I wanted full lashes without the hassle!  Should be easy to find right?  Ha!   No ma’am.  Not here.  Sorry Charlie, you get pretty blue eyes but light brown, short, stumpy, non-fab lashes.  *pouty face
Fast forward a few weeks…….  I noticed my friend’s long, luscious lashes and when I asked her about them she said “oh girl they are extensions!”   I was like Holy Frijoles – lash EXTENSIONS??  Who knew!   I immediately made my appointment to get mine done.

*Details of Lash Extension Installation Process:  Picture your typical false eyelash with each individual cluster separated and some separated into a single eyelash.  Each cluster and or eyelash is glued (special eyelash gluing-glue) to your own lashes just above eyelash follicle/where it exits your eyelid, using tweezers.  I need to add that during the gluing process your bottom eyelashes have a strip of special tape over them so the glue doesn’t adhere to your bottom lid/lashes.  Yes, your eyes are closed the entirety of the appointment – or at least mine were.  My tech was a good friend and we chit chatted the whole two hours – so fun catching up with her during those visits 🙂

A few days later, after a two hour appointment and paying almost the same as I would have paid for Latisse, I gazed into the mirror at my very own dark, long, beautiful, luscious lashes!!
I left the salon noting to myself the rules of lash extensions:
1. Do NOT use normal mascara, your extensions will fall out. Buy the special mascara or a mascara that doesn’t have _____ in it. (I can’t remember what that special ingredient is or was)
2. Do NOT rub your lashes, they will fall out.
3. Do NOT use certain skincare products near your lashes, they will fall out.

Long story/semi short, after about two weeks of being very OCD about my lashes and FREAKING out everytime I saw a “dead lash” in the sink at the end of the day, I sat for my fill.  After another two weeks of Lash OCD I decided it just wasn’t for me and I let/helped them fall off.  I had this one rogue lash in the middle of my lid that held on for dear life!  I ended up trimming him down the the length of my other lashes…. what was left of them. *sigh
I made it worse when I was trying to make it better.

Basically – having lash extensions was WORK!  And I missed mascara, to be honest.  Even eyeliner was kinda a no-no because of that certain ingredient that most products had dissolved the glue that held your extensions into place.

Disclaimer TIme: Lash extensions might be the Golden Egg for some but it’s just not for me – honest opinion here.  Not knocking it – just giving my experience 🙂  My friends that have them and love them still have them and I still love the way they look!

Grande Lash MD

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO then I discovered GrandLASH MD recommended from a close friend (JFazio) who’s lashes are also ah-mAzing….
After about a month’s use, somewhat daily, my lashes are noticeable without mascara.
Did you read that???  WITHOUT mascara!!!   Using the L’Oreal Lash Paradise makes them stand out like BAM!

If any of my story relates to you at all get on your Sephora app, website, whatever and purchase!!  It’s around $65 which is far less than what I was spending on my lash issues and IT WORKS!!!

Thanks JFazio!!  You da bomB girl!!!  Check out her Instagram @jfazluvsbeauty for some of her other suggestions.

Either of these items would be a great stocking stuffer!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

-Ashley XOXO