Mothers Day

Yo, Mother’s day is coming!!   Don’t be a jerk and forget 🙂  I mean that politely, of course.  Everyone has a mom or someone who has been a mother figure in your life.

On that note, I have a mom, a step mom, a mother in law and an ex mother in law who are all amazing women and deserve to be recognized more than just one day out of the year.  However,  whoever made the second Sunday in May THE day we are to celebrate mothers so be it.

In hopes you can start thinking about what you would like to do for your mom, mail to your mom, deliver to your mom, surprise your mom….. START THINKING NOW.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Gift ideas:
Skin Care – Colleen Rothschild Radiant cleansing balm is my fave!
A customized necklace, earrings if she likes jewelry.
A Plant or assorted flowers in a pretty pot for her patio, sunny window or front porch.
Book a spa day or take her to lunch.
Pick up lunch and bring it to her.
A framed photo or photo book of family/grandkids.
A lovely candle.
A bouquet of flowers.
A basket of bath goodies.
A new perfume – roller balls are fairly inexpensive.
A nice card… that arrives a couple days ahead of the holiday.

Deliver the gift in person if possible.  If it’s not possible than call. facetime, skype.  Just make some kind of contact in some way.

If your mom is no longer living or circumstances prohibit any contact or communication then use the day to remember your mom and the happy times.  I realize we are all in different places and situations.  I hope that on Mother’s Day you can find peace and joy knowing that you were born from her on purpose.  It’s your job to find that purpose.


Planners…. Are you or are you not?

PlannersWhat are your thoughts on planners?  I started using one a long time ago.  Actually it was a desk calendar long before I became an “apple product addict” and started using an online calendar.  Eventually I realized I’m a visual person and need to write things down.

My most favorite planners are the ones that have the whole month layout as well as weekly layouts.   I need one that lays flat with tabs that separate each month.  I would prefer a 15-18 month planner but find I get tired of it after 12 months and start looking for something new.

I used the Lilly Pulitzer planner last year and thought it was really nice for $30++!   They have since changed the design and I have to say I’m not a fan.  It had a protective thick cardboard cover with spiral binding that allowed it to be folded backwards.   Pockets, stickers and plenty of room to personalize was secondary to the layout.

I found a planner made by Me&My Big Ideas and it’s almost as good.  Only 12 months but the thick plastic coated cover and large spiral make it a decent runner up to my previous love.

And then there are bullet journals and although it seems fun it may be a little to overwhelming.

What’s your favorite planner?


Drugstore Brows | What the heck?


I have been trying to find the best drugstore brow products and am coming up short handed.

Here are the latest contestants, from top to bottom. (All purchased from Target or CVS)


  1. Brow Stylist Definer by L’OREAL – Ultra fine pencil with spool brush – works ok, seems like I have to apply a lot of pressure to get a line drawn, color matching decent, stayed in place most of the day.
  2. Brow Fantasy by Revlon – Weird powder and brow gel with a spool applicator and sponge tip – negative, and that’s all I have to say.
  3. Micro Brow Pencil by NYX –  again, have to apply a ton of pressure to draw lines, it shouldn’t be such a struggle, color matching could be better, stayed in place.
  4. Brow Pencil by Revlon –  It has a thicker angled point brow product and a spool brush on one end, didn’t have to press too hard, stayed well, I didn’t have to use a ton of product, the thickness of it makes it tough to draw hair like lines, seems like it’s better for those who like to use a shading technique.Bottom line:   I’m still searching.  Do not want to spend $21 on a specialty brow product, haven’t found my perfect match on color and although I like to be able to draw a thin line to fill in my brows, I prefer not to have to apply super-human pressure to do so.

    What’s your favorite brow product?

Our Go-To Weekly Meals – When life gets hectic!

White Chicken Chili (without beans) – Just 100% good and quick!  Follow the crock-pot recipe to make it ridiculously easy.  Serve with some tortilla chips or diced avocado. (photo from TheRealFoodRDS)

Taco Tuesday Stuffed Peppers – Not the easiest or quickest but it’s totally worth the work.   Recipe is here.  I love to make these in addition to our regular Taco night menu.  They make perfect leftovers for lunch to-go.  (My photo)

Sheet Pan Dinners – One pan and done.   I love these type of dinners.  Just be sure you have a higher quality sheet pan so it doesn’t warp in the middle of baking.  I typically use Chicken Thighs or Boneless Pork Chops.  Check it out here (photo from TheKitchn)

Spaghetti & The Meatball – Yep you read that right “THE Meatball”, meaning one meatball 🙂  A step up from our typical sketti & frozen meatballs & sauce dish.  We like to follow this recipe from except we double the meat and divide into 8-10 large meatballs.  (photo from HalfBakedHarvest)

Whole30 Style Zuppa Toscana (Olive Garden Dupe) –  I’ve tried a few different variations and they always turn out super yummy.   Check out the recipe here:   (photo from FarmsteadChic)


MYO Night – also known as Make Your Own and/or Leftover night.  The kids really hate to see this on our meal board.  They eventually figure something out and all is good again in the world.


5 tips – Get your act together!

  1.  Make a list.   Creating a To-Do list with things like Do Laundry or Empty Dishwasher can help you stay focused on what really needs to be done.  As each task is completed draw a line through it.  


2.   Stay positive.  Nobody likes a Negative Nancy.  Thinking positive thoughts actually help us feel better.  Make up a mantra and repeat it in your mind to push the negative ones out.  Think something like this: “I have everything I need to be happy and I am thankful today for_______.” Fill in the blank.  Are you thankful for the sun streaming through your curtains?  Are you thankful for the friend that called to say hello?  Are you thankful you weren’t actually out of toilet paper? 


3. Be aware.  I have preached this before but you should always be aware and observant.  Complacency is not your best friend.  Be aware of yourself, your family, bank account, co-workers, credit score, neighbors, what’s in your refrigerator, etc …. You can’t improve things if you don’t know where you stand.  

4.  Be proactive.  It’s as simple as this: Do the right thing, don’t be jerk to others and don’t treat your body like an out-house.  













5. Finally, there can’t be a true-er phrase when it comes to keeping your act together: Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Give yourself a break if you mess up.  We are not perfect and we are allowed to make mistakes.  Just try to learn from them, “yeah THAT was not my best decision”  and move on.  Do not beat yourself up.  

Local’s Guide to Downtown Pensacola

Downtown Pensacola

There are so many things to do in the Downtown Pensacola area.  I compiled this list based on the places we like to visit and places we would tell our friends and families to go.  If I didn’t include a certain place, it’s because we haven’t been there or haven’t been there enough to give a review.

Let me add, this is a SHORT list of the many places to go and things to do in our town.  I could go on and on.  In an effort to not go on and on I decided to stick to the following for the reasons previously stated.

Where to Dine:  All are locally owned

Wine Bar Palafox – Happy Hour every day 11-6, extensive wine list, full bar, nice menu.  Great for a quick bite before a show at the Seanger or Vinyl, date night or girls night out.

Global Grill – Upscale dining, known for tapas, martinis and exceptional service. Reservations suggested

Nom Sushi – Must try the Tuna Tacos and Ramen Bowl, you’re welcome.  Small space, with sushi bar seating.

Pensacola Fish House – One of the restaurants in Great Southern Group on the Gulf Coast,  known for Grits Ya Ya.  Great place for families!

Iron –  Exquisite menu, exceptional service.  Reservations are a must!

Carmen’s Lunch Bar –  Kale Salad and Chicken Salad are my absolute favorite, served with a glass of crisp Pinot Grigio.  Small venue, limited seating & hours.

Union Public House – delicious cocktails and fabulous menu

George’s Artisan Bakery & Bistro – Champagne Pop? Yes!  Brunch is sooo good!

Dharma Blue – Divine Sushi menu, Backdown Roll, just get it.  Small menu full of delicious entrees and salads.  The Pear salad and pan fried oysters appetizer is my fave!

Lucy’s on the Square – Located by historic Seville Square.  Flatbreads and nachos are so good!  They serve a good selection of local beers and have a nice wine list.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe – Can you say authentic southern comfort food?  Fried Chicken, fried okra and the most delicious collard greens you’ll put in your mouth.
Sunday Jazz brunch = Live Jazz Trio, Bloody Marys and Chicken & Waffles, yum.  Good spot for families.

Where to Stay:  It’s tough to recommend places to stay in your home-town since typically we stay at home, haha.  However, we have had the opportunity to stay in or have heard first person reviews from friends that have stayed in the following hotels/bed & breakfasts.  

New World Landing InnPensacola Grand Hotel , The Lee House

For families, you can check VRBO and AIRBNB.  With that said if you are traveling here it’s probably to be on or near the beach.  The beaches of  Pensacola Beach are some of the most beautiful in the area.  I LOVE our Emerald Coast and sharing tips to enjoy it to the fullest will require a separate post. 🙂

What to see & do:  Some of these spots will take you away from Downtown but worth the drive! Historical fact: Pensacola was first settled in 1559.  If you enjoy history, you’re gonna be entertained. 

Historic Tour – Check in with the Pensacola Historical Society for the tour schedule.  If you visit during October, the haunted tour is a must!

Palafox Market – Saturday morning only, stroll through the vendors and who knows what you’ll find.

St Micheal’s Cemetery, Pensacola Art Museum, Pensacola Little Theater, several parks

Pensacola Maritime Park & Blue Wahoo Stadium – see a ball game & explore the park

Naval Aviation Museum – Free admission, you’ll spend the day!  Located on Pensacola Naval Air Station.

Blue Angel Shows – If you are lucky enough to be in the area for this air show you will continue to return.  Simply amazing!  These pilots fly all over the country but the “Home” shows are typically in July & November.

Pensacola Lighthouse – climb to the top and enjoy the view!  We had so much fun exploring the grounds of this historic spot.

Ft Barancas – Also located on NAS, You could easily visit the Fort and the Lighthouse after the Aviation Museum if you plan it right.

TT Wentworth Museum – located in Downtown Pensacola and full of artifacts and info about the city.  Perfect for a rainy day. See if you can find the petrified cat. :/

Vinyl Music Hall – We have seen soooooo many shows here.  Drvin’ & Cryin’, The Revivalists, Fleetwood Mac Cover Band, Guns & Roses Cover Band… It’s your typical standing room only venue with a swanky bar in the back called 5 1/2 (five and a half).  You can access the bar from Garden St as well if Vinyl isn’t open.

Pensacola Seanger Theater – We have also seen an array of shows here! Pensacola Children’s Chorus performances,  Grace Potter, Jerry Seinfeld, BB King, Robert Cray… recently Tedeschi Trucks Band.  I hear the White Tie Rock Ensemble is fantastic!
Little fact:  In 2017, I danced (more like frantically trying to remember the steps with the rest of the group) on the Seanger stage for a Dancing with The Stars style event to raise funds for a local charity!  yep!

Shopping – Downtown Pensacola and surrounding areas are full of boutiques ranging from upscale to second hand.  Palafox street is lined with a majority of shops of all types.  Check out this article on Visit Pensacola to find out more.

Graffiti Bridge – a Pensacola Landmark also known as the 17th Ave trestle, this concrete bridge was built waaaay back for the CSX train.  Police tolerate graffiti on the bridge, giving its name.  Ever changing, the painted on graffiti has been estimated to be 3 inches thick!  You might want to pull over in the boat launch parking lot to get a good look.

Breweries:  I never knew we had such great brewers crafting micro brews.   These places are a nice pit stop between shopping and/or exploring the Downtown area.
Pensacola Bay Brewery ,  Perfect Plain,  Gulf Coast Brewery 

Nightlife:  Where to go for an after dinner drink, hear some live music or satisfy your dancing mood

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar – Think of a 1920’s Speakeasy complete with bartenders in leather aprons….. These guys and gals know the “brown stuff”.  This is where you go when you want a fancy cocktail made with love!

World of Beer – pretty much sums it up, Blend Lounge is in the back if you want more of a full bar experience with thumping music.  Taco Agave is also in this establishment with a small fresh mexican style menu and an array of margaritas – Strawberry Jalapeno is yum!

Seville Quarter – can’t decide weather you want to bust a move in da club or  groove to a cover band belting out ballads or watch dueling piano show or play pool or visit the saloon bar where there’s no telling what band will be on for the evening.  Maybe you just want to chill in the courtyard or end of the alley and listen to some reggae.  Seville Quarter has 7 rooms of fun, seriously.  You could spend all evening here and not get bored.  Seville also has a wine shop and restaurant serving lunch dinner and Sunday Brunch.

Fish House Deck – usually a band during some nights of the week and on the weekends on the outside deck.  Check the calendar to be sure especially in the off-season months.  Wednesday is ladies night on the Deck and ladies drinks are $2!

There ya have it!  My rundown of the places I’d recommend to my family and friends.  I hope this is helpful in planning your trip to Pensacola and I hope you have a good experience in your your visit.   Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
We love to travel and also love a stay-cation from time to time.  You can read about some of our other trips like New Orleans and Breckenridge here and here.
What would you recommend if friends were coming to your hometown?




Pink, Mauve and Florals | My top picks for Spring

February means Spring is almost here!!!

Well, kinda.  To get to Spring weather….. crisp mornings and low humidity…. we have to get through February and March.  These can be the coldest months in the NW Florida Panhandle.   We don’t get to experience a lot of seasons.  A cold front here and there and sometimes if we are really lucky the temps will drop into the “possible snow” zone.  This is usually accompanied with school closures, mass hysteria at the grocery and everyone discussing how crazy it is that we could possibly get snow!   I agree but since it’s happened a few times over the last two months I’m more like eh, schools are gonna close and lets build a fire.  haha

I digress…. what Spring means to me is a chance to wear something different!!!

I’m sure there are plenty agreeing with me.  Thick bulky sweaters, dark colors, weather-proof boots and big jackets take a back seat!  There’s something NEW coming to town…… Neutrals, light fabrics, floral patterns, shoes that don’t cover your entire foot and most of your leg…. YES!

I’ve put together some of the items I have my eye on for Spring.  Taking in the feels of Valentine’s Day everything pink is catching my eye.  Some are already in my closet and some are sitting in the online shopping cart waiting for a sale 🙂
*Please don’t pay full price for anything unless its an emergency or you know it NEVER goes on sale*

Spring TopsBP the Perfect Checkered Button Down @ Nordstrom
BP Peplum Tee @ Nordstrom
Lush Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic @ Nordstrom
Floral Long Sleeve Dress @ Target
Chenille Flare Sleeve Open Cardigan @ Loft

Spring ShoesBP Maddy Mule
Jeffery Campbell Rosealee Bootie
Adidas Gazelle Sneaker
Sam Edelman Arielle Ankle Strap Sandal
(for a chunky heel option look for the Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal)
BP Sky Wedge
All of these beauties can be found at Nordstrom.  *wait for a sale though!


Spring BottomsMoon River Pleat Blanket Stitch Shorts @ Nordstrom
Slim Cuff pants @ Loft
AG The Legging ankle length @ Nordstrom
Modern Destructed white jeans @ Loft
Embroidered Mesh Midi Skirt @ Target
Flouncy Floral Skirt @ Loft

So there ya have it!   The super cute items that have been catching my eye lately.   What I like most is that all of these items could be worn from work to play to date night.   The other thing I like is that each of these retailers have sales ALL THE TIME!  I shop online and put things in my cart then I check back every couple days.  Or I’ll get an email regarding a sale and Boom!  I click click click and reap the rewards 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!  Please share with your friends!!

*I did not include direct links so there is no confusion over affiliate links.  I have not been compensated or given free products for this post or my ideas.  It’s 100% all my thoughts and personal opinions.