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Do not do this EVER!

stopI’ve had my little blog for a couple years now.  I’ll get really into it and post regularly and then something happens.

I get writers block or feel like “who cares what I have to say” or some other kind of mentally freezing syndrome that shoves blogging to the very bottom of the ladder.

The anxiety of starting to post again with the used too often “I’ve been away for a long time and I’m so sorry” just makes me feel even more meh, for lack of a better term.

I realize that all my followers (which I can count using my fingers and toes) are impatiently waiting on the daily for my mind blowing, world changing posts about totally random things I find important but nonetheless, I needed a moment, or week, or month, or season to get back into it.

Maybe this is “ghosting”??

I digress….. the thing you should NEVER do if you have a blog is try to clean up your available storage space and delete most of your photos.  The little warning message that pops up asking are you sure you want to do this? …… Take heed to that.

What it should read goes something like this:
Yo, do you realize that you are about to delete all the photos from your posts too? Once you confirm that YES, I want to delete, ALL your posts that include ALL these pictures will be affected by this action.  Instead of a pretty picture there will be a broken image icon thingy in it’s place.  Therefore all the hours you put into finding or creating photos and inserting them into your posts WILL BE FOR NOTHING!!  You will have to go back and spend numerous more hours relocating the pictures and re-inserting them into the posts.  

*facepalm*   *facepalm*   *facepalm*

THANK GOODNESS I found a way to recover most of my accompanying photos from my posts.  However, this does not make it easy by any means.  I still have to go back through each post and insert pictures….. yeah, EACH POST.  *insert bad word here* Slowly I will do this.  Understand that it takes time and please feel sympathy if you read one of my posts that reads like there is a missing photo.  I will be over here accepting your sympathy and trying to find and repost all of them.

So, as with each day of my life, I learn.  Some lessons are harder than others and some have me thinking well lookie there while others have me face palming, my life lessons are in abundance.  And even though it’s a pain the the you-know-what, it’s what makes life interesting.


12ish – Days of Christmas – My FAVorite Things!!! Faux CalfHair Clutch

I’m loving the calf-hair pattern clutch trends right now. The ones I found online are gorgeous, however, I didn’t love the price.

I found the perfect solution to my likes and my issue. Yipee!!!

My personal custom -made CalfHair clutch

Check out this gorgeous clutch I ordered from GreyFoxTextiles on Etsy for under $50! AJ was so easy to work with and actually made my clutch specifically the way I wanted it , sent me pictures and then quickly shipped after my approval. I think I’ll order from her again soon!
It feels so soft and luxurious!

I receive TONS of compliments when I carry it and have shared AJ’s Etsy store every time.

Look at the gorgeous-ness 🙂

*pictures are from AJ herself, I have not been compensated in any way by GreyFoxTextiles. This post reflects my honest opinion 100%.

– Ashley XOXO

Serious. Bloggers. Block.

I have become something I never wanted to be.  Something I criticized others for.  Something that in my deepest darkest moods knew I wasn’t capable of.

I have become this:  Someone who started something and abandoned it.  GASP!

Surely there is a support group for this very issue.  Hello. My name is Ashley and I abandoned my blog.

How could I have let this happen?!  So what if I have a full time job…. and am newly married… and have two stepchildren in addition to my 3 children… and a new extended family… and a new (to me) house to paint and re-decorate from the er.. “previous female inhabitant” aka ex-wife… and new neighbors to meet and get to know.  Is that terrible?? Could it be that my life is so complicated I couldn’t maintain a simple little teensey weency blog?  Umm, yeah.  I guess the answer is yes.  So what do I do?

I pick up my laptop, dust her off, give her a hug and march type on!!

You’ve just got to keep on keepin’ on, right?! Nothing’s gonna stop us now! I think I can, I think I can! Just keep swimming!  Push it!  When the going get tough, the tough get going!  It’s the eye of the tiger… Ok, you get the point.  Bottom line is: I’m ba-aack!!

I may not post daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly but I will post, this I promise.  I will imagine my little cheering section is jumping up and down!  And I’m bowing and curtseying and blowing kisses as I accept a huge bouquet of roses!!

Ok, back to reality.  Bottom line folks… reality is just that.  To achieve YOUR goals in life YOU have to make the efforts.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.- Arthur Ashe