Just 30 minutes… Just 20 minutes… Just 10… 5… 4… 3… 2..

As I try to better myself and take part in a 10 day yoga challenge, I found something very humerous.  I started practicing yoga again to become more flexible.

Desk jobs are really hard on the back and neck, shoulders, stomach…. etc!  I get out of the office a bit but not as much as I used to and it’s taken a toll on my 40+ yr old body.

In a house with 5 kids and a cat, no-one and I mean NO-ONE wants anything to do with me until I start my 20-30 minute yoga session.

I sneak in, close my door quietly, unroll my mat, press play on my computer (LOVE Yoga Today.. btw)  and somewhere during the second sun salutation it happens.

Kid #1 needs money for fundraiser, kids #4 and #3 began chasing each other up and down the hallway, Kitty wants in the room, door bell rings… door bell rings again.. kid #5 and friend ask where the laptop is (its in my room..duh!)

Kitty wants out, Kids #5 and #4 now are in some strange duet contest trying to outsing each other in crazy high annoying voices. Kitty wants back in (can’t blame her)

There is basically a circus on the other side of my bedroom door.  A. Three. Ring.  Circus.

Just breathe into triangle pose……

I know I didn’t mention kid #2… frankly I am not concerned with his whereabouts at this point.  He is quiet and that is good.

Kitty is now curled up under my plank, a sad droopy plank that shifts to knee assisted plank more than I’d like to admit.  Down facing dog is an open invitation to sniff my nose, eyes, mouth and possibly headbutt me in the face.

Kitty gets kicked out as soon as we return to  “both feet at the front of the mat” position.

Moving on to crow pose…. if you are unfamiliar with crow pose just think of butt waaaay up in the air, knees in arm pits, and balancing treacherously on your hands with your face inches from the floor.  This is when my husband walks in…. “HEY THERE!!”  in the “man sees woman in yoga pose and his mind goes directly into the gutter” tone.  Just breathe…

I used to be good at crow… now it’s a sad attempt to not smash my face in the two seconds I can get my feet off the floor.  I know… a little at a time.. 🙂

My husband comes back in during the tiny little 2 minute savasana and asks if I had a peaceful yoga session with a smirk.

I say sure did!  I’m working on my flexibility 🙂

Tomorrow is a new day.  Namaste

I linked my Instagram account!

I have really enjoied Instagram lately.  I find it’s super easy to soothe my photographer personality.

I need a cool angle!!

I need cool filter!!

I need collage!!

Oh yeah!

Good stuff 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking back through some of my Instagram posts.  They are a direct representation of my daily life!

Look for it on the side… to the left, to the left! ( Or here )  Follow me!

Contrary to popular belief we are NOT the Brady Bunch!!

We are a family of 7.  Yes, 7.  We do not have a dog or a maid or an additional child.  We do have a cat.

I’ll take the maid though, if anyone wants to know. brady1

We are, in fact, a blended family.  And everyday is a blessing.

I consider everyday we get through raising our children to be amazing adults is a blessing.

In fact raising the kids to be fabulous adults requires a LOT of blessings.  SO BRING IT ON!!!  Send us blessings!! We need it! heehee

We became a family in April 2014.  It’s always busy, always loud always rambunctious but it’s always fun and I am very thankful.  🙂