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Breckenridge for a Florida family of Seven!

As our kids are getting older, and time together to make memories is becoming few and far between, we decided to take a big family trip to Breckenridge, Colorado in March 2017.
This was a huge deal!  Mostly because we are a family of SEVEN – and traveling gets expensive for us!  First and foremost I will say this:  We would not have been able to take our family on this trip if it hadn’t been for the “miles and points” we accumulated over a long period of time!  Just about 50% of our expenses were covered because of those miles and points.  Score!

This was Ethan’s first plane ride and his excitement shows!!  We flew into Denver and stayed the night before we headed to Breck.  We also stayed the night before our flight back to Pensacola at the end of our trip.  I recommend this 100%!  It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a full day instead of cutting things short.

After a two hour shuttle ride across the Continental Divide and some amazing scenery we arrived in Breckenridge!

The snow was beautiful and captivating, the kids had such a good time playing in it I could hardly get their attention for this picture.  Poor Ethan is soaked from being bombarded with snowballs from the older brothers.

We checked into the Grand Timber Lodge, dropped our bags and headed to the town to find some lunch.  We chose Grand Timber because of its location to the Town and to the nearest lift area, Beaver Run at Peak 9.  Grand Timber is listed as a “ski-in/ski-out” lodge.  In certain areas of the resort I could see an experienced skier taking advantage of this.  For snowboarders, definitely…. new skiers – leave your skis at the rental shop and take the path to the sidewalk.  Otherwise you’re carrying your skis for a 5-10 minute walk…. in ski boots.  You can always wait for the free shuttle.   For a large family who’s condo is already full of everyone’s ski jackets, etc…. leave skis at the rental shop for sure!


I prefered walking to see the sights… I didn’t realize how much downhill walking we would encounter!  Definitely taking the free shuttle back to the Lodge.

The Town of Breckenridge is adorable!  It’s buzzing with life.  Restaurants and shops line every block of this circa 1800’s Victorian village.  We settled in at a burger place and plotted our next move, Ski Rental and grocery shopping!!

img_6493 We planned to cook breakfast every morning and 3 dinners, lunch would be found on the mountain – expensive, yes but we balanced it by not going out for every meal.  We bought snacks and drinks that could easily travel on the mountain.

Kids went back to lodge and we hit the grocery and wine store.  I love that you can call the shuttle to pick you up from the store.   Carrying all that crap to the room was a huge challenge.  A luggage cart would have been a good idea but none could be found.


While we fixed dinner, the kids went exploring.

A snow man was the priority for these Florida kiddos.   Just look at the eyelashes!  So cute!

A shoe was lost during this adventure…… seriously!  I wonder how many shoes they find on the property when the snow melts – haha



Look at that view!!


The next morning we suited up and ventured out around 9AM. With just a short walk to the Beaver Run Resort area, picked up our equipment and were on the lift in no time.

We made a plan up Peak 9, after dropping 3 of the boys at snowboarding school,  had lunch mountain side and made our way back around 3PM to meet up with the kids finishing up their lessons.


Ethan was stoked!!   We was ready to tackle the mountain!   So ready in fact that he jumped on the BIG lift BY HIMSELF!  The plan was that he was supposed to get on the shorter lift and I would wait for him at the base.  This is NOT what happened.   I was kinda freaking out.  Thankfully Scott was able to hop on the lift within seconds of the last run.  (The lifts close at 4PM)

Waiting for them seemed like an eternity.  Finally they arrived together.  Whew!!  We had a serious talk about NOT going by yourself and I got the typical “I’m fine, mom!” with the accompanying eye-rolling tweens do so well.  ugh.

The evening was relaxing and we talked about day #2 Plan and navigating to Peak 8!  Maybe you remember this clip….. a snowboarder filmed a moose running behind her!! It went viral a week before our trip.  So amazing!  Would we be on the same run with a moose?!?!?!

The next morning we lost two of he kids.   Not really “lost them” but one decided snowboarding wasn’t for him and Ethan fell and hurt his wrist… on the first run.  Poor guy.  We walked down to the base and after assessing his wrist he decided to walk back to the room and hang out with his older brother for the day…. another great reason we chose a the nearby lodge.

Onward and upward for the remaining 5 ……


If you’ve been in the snow, you know that sound….. It brings back great memories of gliding down the mountain.   Ahhhh.

The next two days went pretty much the same.  Planning our trek up, lunch stop, back up, final stop.  Peak 7 was probably our favorite.  You have to do some serious planning to get there.  but absolutely worth it!



On our last day we let the kids sleep in while we went in search of the best Bloody Mary in Breckenridge!  We found it, along with the famous Crepe a la Cart food truck…. yum!

Best Bloody Mary award goes to:


Angels Hollow!  A Bloody with so many extras they give you a plate.  I heard about this work of art libation online.  The description read “…topped with an army man because they couldn’t add a kitchen sink”,  I concur!  Time to head back up to the Lodge to collect the kids and pack up.  We had time for lunch and a little shopping before our shuttle to Denver arrived.


Our 2017 Breckenridge memories will last forever!!

What BIG trips have you been on lately?  Will you go back or try somewhere new?

What I packed for our December trip to NOLA with possible snow!


Planning for a weekend in New Orleans with snow in the forecast means one thing.

It’s going to be COLD!!

Here’s a few of the things I packed that I kept reaching for during our weekend getaway.

I have a heavy-ier weight jacket that isn’t shown because I’ve had it for so long, it’s not available anymore and frankly it’s falling apart.

We also packed an umbrella and a scarf or two.  Hope this helps you plan a weekend trip 🙂

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December in New Orleans – Part 2 – Cemeteries, Tree of Life and Black Sludge


The Cafe au Lait…… I wish I knew exactly what magic is performed to create such a perfect cup of coffee.  Trust me, I’ve tried but nothing compares to the cup of goodness you’ll find in New Orleans.

On Day#2 of our weekend getaway, this was our breakfast.  Since our first day was compromised by crazy weather, “The List” was still hanging around with so much still needing to be accomplished.

St Charles

The St Charles streetcar travels in a continuous loop from Canal Street to just west of Audubon Park on St Charles Ave – hence the name.  For $3 you can hop on and off as many times as you like in a 24 hour period.  By your tickets from the driver and your all set!

We pulled on our most comfortable cold weather attire and headed out the door to catch the St Charles.  Our first stop was the Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District.

*side note* The Garden District deserves it’s own post.  I will elaborate on this extraordinary historical place some other time.  It is magnificent!

At the corner of Washington & Prytania, we stopped for a coffee and another muffin at a cute little cafe.  I could see the entrance to the cemetery and was super excited!

Cemeteries are beautiful.  Some may find them depressing and I understand why.  Some see death, I see history and family legacies.  The New Orleans cemeteries have been on my bucket list for a long time.  Some of the  people buried here were born in the 1700’s.


The only pictures I took was of the outside wall, which is actually comprised of individual vaults.  I wanted to take more photos but I decided to be present in the moment and take it all in.

And then, let’s take a selfie!












Next stop: The Tree of Life!  Planted in the early 1700’s this beauty has been through it all.  Hurricanes, vandalism, lightning, etc.  The sprawling branches reach out so far they actually touch the ground and begin reaching up towards the sky.


We hopped back on the St Charles and rode to the Audubon Park.  It was a sunny day but chilly, and we had a 15 block walk ahead of us.  The Audubon Park is comprised of a golf course, public park, the Great Audubon Oaks and the Audubon Zoo.

Check it out online.  It’s beautiful!

Not knowing exactly where it was located we asked for guidance from a few folks and to my surprise we were the only ones (at the time) appreciating this enormous oak.


By now our ‘dogs were barkin’, slang for my feet hurt – haha.  Thankfully we were close to Magazine Street and most importantly the Magazine Street bus – yipee!!  Another one of the free bus lines in the city, check!

Magazine Street was on The List, along with a few retail stores, pubs and restaurants.  We didn’t go to any of them, though.  I was too tired!  A cute alfresco mexican cafe sparked our palettes and we had quite possibly the best nachos in the world.  If only I could remember the name… whoops.  I was tired, hungry and ready for a beer.  Sometimes you just don’t know how far you’ll end up walking.

We arrived back at the Roosevelt in time for a nap before dinner.  I don’t actually nap but it was awesome to get in the cozy robe and relax for a while – so totally awesome.  My thoughts on completing The List were dwindling.

Something out of a horror movie occured while I was getting ready.  We had heard all sorts of banging and mysterious noises for around 20 or 30 minutes.  I mentioned to Scott maybe we should call the front desk but we kinda brushed it off to possible maintenance in a room nearby.  As I walked back into the bathroom from that quick convo, I heard a weird SWOOSH noticed the sink had filed with a black sludge….  Similar to something you’d see in one of the super creepy movies I refuse to watch!  It was horrific!!  We immediately called the front desk and I removed all my belongings from the bathroom.  In two minutes time the black sludge had completely filled the sink and was spilling out onto the marble floor, creeping out of the bathroom towards the closet and carpet.  I called the front desk again to inform them these guys better hurry up!!  She assured me that we would not be staying in this room!

The maintenance crew arrived with the largest wet-vac I have ever seen and began to slurp up the gunk.  By now I had changed out of my cozy robe and we had packed up everything!  The Hotel staff immediately moved us to another room.  Turns out maintenance was working on a clog in the room above us.  For whatever reason it caused an overflow into OUR ROOM!!  I can’t imagine what would have happened if we would not have been in the room at that moment.  Basically I can…… EVERYTHING would had been ruined!!!  Our luggage, shoes, my makeup, anything on the floor.. oh my goodness.  We settled into our new room and basically didn’t miss a beat.  I still got ready in time for us to get to Arnaud’s French 75 Bar for a before dinner Pimm’s Cup!  Winning!

Our table at GW Fins was in the perfect location.  A booth in the back of the dining room a little above the main floor.   Dinner was divine as usual! You MUST try the Scalibut Entree, trust me.   Dessert was delicious!!   *Tip: I made our reservation 6 weeks in advance.  I know that sounds crazy but you never know what’s happening in New Orleans.  Weddings, celebrations, sports games, conferences, etc……. the restaurant was packed.  Reservations are ALWAYS a good idea when in NOLA.  IMG_8691.jpgIMG_8692.jpg

We ventured onto Bourbon Street after dinner just for kicks.  Not my favorite street in NOLA but what the heck.  At this time, the city was replacing drainage pipes on Bourbon a few blocks at a time.  This made the typical “stroll along the street” impossible.  We were constantly shuffling around people on the even-smaller sidewalk area.   Since we had such a long day and had to change rooms do to that nasty plumbing issue we decided to call it a night.  We stopped by one of the little bars in the hotel and grabbed a night cap to take up to the room.

Saturday night in New Orleans and we are in bed at 1030pm.   Who would have thought?!  The List still had a ton of things we had not crossed off, unfortunately.  We still had most of Sunday, thankfully 🙂

I’ll end this post of Day 2 here.  Be sure to check out Day 1 and Day 3!  And please like or comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on New Orleans and places you can recommend for our next visit.


Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog!!





The sun, moon and a WIN!

My hubby is a die hard FSU fan. Actually, he’s a die hard anything sports related fan.

We took two of the boys to an FSU game recently. It was a gorgeous day for a little trip to Tallahassee.

We had a bit of a drive…. getting up and leaving the house….( on a Saturday…. earlier than I usually leave on a weekday) wasn’t too terrible. The sunrise made it totally worth it!

Yes, I was having a little fun with Snapchat… it was early!!! 

The campus was a buzz, as usual.  Davis and Ethan enjoyed the sights and sounds…. and the cheerleaders 🙂

Thankfully our seats were in the shade and we WON!! Woo-hoo!!

The drive home wasn’t eventful until we noticed the MASSIVE full moon following us home. It was amazing, truly the biggest moon I’ve seen in a while.

After our 16hr round trip we basically hit the sack as soon as we got home. Whew!

What an adventure and what a day!! GoNoles!