2 Years later….. My happily ever after!

I recently came across all these amazing pictures from our wedding in 2014.  It was a perfect day in so many ways…. the weather on the other hand was less than perfect.   Torrential downpours. ALL. DAY. LONG.

We dreamed of an outdoor wedding with the sun setting behind us. Umm yeah, not gonna happen right?

About 45 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin the rain stopped!  Can you believe it?!

Our dream came true!  We were about to marry each other on the water at sunset with our children, families and friends as witnesses.

I could really go on and on about this next statement:  Our DREAMS came true in so many different ways!  We  were and continue to be undoubtedly blessed.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You had me at Sangria!!

The Perfect Summer Sangria!!! Sangria

Slice (thin slices) one lemon and one lime

Core and slice 6-8 medium to large strawberries

Place sliced fruit into a clear pitcher

Add 1/2 cup rum (any rum will do!) I used Coconut Malibu

Add one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (if you know me you know I do NOT like Sauvignon Blanc…. “Sauvignon Blah” is what I call it but it works really well with the fruit and rum.)

Put the pitcher with the fruit, rum and wine in the fridge and let it sit for at least 4 hours. I let mine sit overnight.

Just before serving add about 4 cups of Sprite and Voila!!

I like to serve in a small mason jar or stemless wine glass and garnish with fresh mint


Here’s my inspiration recipe from Kitchen Treaty on Pinterest 🙂

Little goodies….

I just discovered Word Swag!!!  I think I like it…. It’s a little overwhelming but it’s growing on me.

I can have an idea for a design or post I want to create and before I know it it happened.  I get lost in all the pretty fonts and backgrounds and all the little goodies that make your picture pop.   I feel like the dog in that movie “squirrel!”

I guess it’s give and take.  If I have a choice of 10 fonts or 100 I’ll take the 100!!

Just 30 minutes… Just 20 minutes… Just 10… 5… 4… 3… 2..

As I try to better myself and take part in a 10 day yoga challenge, I found something very humerous.  I started practicing yoga again to become more flexible.

Desk jobs are really hard on the back and neck, shoulders, stomach…. etc!  I get out of the office a bit but not as much as I used to and it’s taken a toll on my 40+ yr old body.

In a house with 5 kids and a cat, no-one and I mean NO-ONE wants anything to do with me until I start my 20-30 minute yoga session.

I sneak in, close my door quietly, unroll my mat, press play on my computer (LOVE Yoga Today.. btw)  and somewhere during the second sun salutation it happens.

Kid #1 needs money for fundraiser, kids #4 and #3 began chasing each other up and down the hallway, Kitty wants in the room, door bell rings… door bell rings again.. kid #5 and friend ask where the laptop is (its in my room..duh!)

Kitty wants out, Kids #5 and #4 now are in some strange duet contest trying to outsing each other in crazy high annoying voices. Kitty wants back in (can’t blame her)

There is basically a circus on the other side of my bedroom door.  A. Three. Ring.  Circus.

Just breathe into triangle pose……

I know I didn’t mention kid #2… frankly I am not concerned with his whereabouts at this point.  He is quiet and that is good.

Kitty is now curled up under my plank, a sad droopy plank that shifts to knee assisted plank more than I’d like to admit.  Down facing dog is an open invitation to sniff my nose, eyes, mouth and possibly headbutt me in the face.

Kitty gets kicked out as soon as we return to  “both feet at the front of the mat” position.

Moving on to crow pose…. if you are unfamiliar with crow pose just think of butt waaaay up in the air, knees in arm pits, and balancing treacherously on your hands with your face inches from the floor.  This is when my husband walks in…. “HEY THERE!!”  in the “man sees woman in yoga pose and his mind goes directly into the gutter” tone.  Just breathe…

I used to be good at crow… now it’s a sad attempt to not smash my face in the two seconds I can get my feet off the floor.  I know… a little at a time.. 🙂

My husband comes back in during the tiny little 2 minute savasana and asks if I had a peaceful yoga session with a smirk.

I say sure did!  I’m working on my flexibility 🙂

Tomorrow is a new day.  Namaste

A fire and a newsletter…

I love being inspired.

Inspiration to me is this little flame inside that gets really small sometimes then grows to an immense roaring fire when I find inspiration.  The kind of fire that is all-consuming and won’t allow sleep or food or anything else to commence.  We all get disenchanted sometimes and our fire goes back to a little pilot light and then something amazing happens…. Inspiration!

I read an article today that inspired me.  It described writing a newsletter about yourself each week.  Immediately I thought “That’s weird! That’s ridiculous! Who would want to do that!”.  Then I thought about it some more and I thought “That’s BRILLIANT!”  What an awe-inspiring way to bring it back home.

My newsletter would say:

Congrats to me!  I have officially made it to 42… a feat I never thought I’d do 🙂  I was able to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family.  My husband and children spent it planning a sweet little surprise for me too.

I have 5 amazingly intelligent and HEALTHY children and a loving husband/ life partner I do not know what I would do without.

I have a job that allows me to splurge (frugally) on myself from time to time.

We have food in the pantry, a roof over our heads, transportation and importantly too, our health.

I have an amazing support group.

Recently, I have considered changing jobs and have been on a few interviews.  You want to be challenged and REALLY take a look in the mirror?? Go on an interview!  THAT will put a lot of things into perspective 🙂  This has been a positive experience and I will update everyone when the time comes.

I took our oldest son shopping for his homecoming outfit… matching his dates dress of course (his idea, not mine).  This is the son who NEVER wants to shop so you can imagine my delight!  In the end we decided matching her dress was probably not the best so we opted for a contrasting color… what color you ask… my favorite, of course!  Gray 🙂   Her dress was a beautiful deep purple and they both looked spectacular!

I’m ending this post kinda wimpy… But my bit of advice to you is this:  Type a newsletter about yourself!  Especially if you’re down or in a funk… It will put a smile on your face, I’ll bet 🙂