A fire and a newsletter…

I love being inspired.

Inspiration to me is this little flame inside that gets really small sometimes then grows to an immense roaring fire when I find inspiration.  The kind of fire that is all-consuming and won’t allow sleep or food or anything else to commence.  We all get disenchanted sometimes and our fire goes back to a little pilot light and then something amazing happens…. Inspiration!

I read an article today that inspired me.  It described writing a newsletter about yourself each week.  Immediately I thought “That’s weird! That’s ridiculous! Who would want to do that!”.  Then I thought about it some more and I thought “That’s BRILLIANT!”  What an awe-inspiring way to bring it back home.

My newsletter would say:

Congrats to me!  I have officially made it to 42… a feat I never thought I’d do 🙂  I was able to celebrate my birthday with my friends and family.  My husband and children spent it planning a sweet little surprise for me too.

I have 5 amazingly intelligent and HEALTHY children and a loving husband/ life partner I do not know what I would do without.

I have a job that allows me to splurge (frugally) on myself from time to time.

We have food in the pantry, a roof over our heads, transportation and importantly too, our health.

I have an amazing support group.

Recently, I have considered changing jobs and have been on a few interviews.  You want to be challenged and REALLY take a look in the mirror?? Go on an interview!  THAT will put a lot of things into perspective 🙂  This has been a positive experience and I will update everyone when the time comes.

I took our oldest son shopping for his homecoming outfit… matching his dates dress of course (his idea, not mine).  This is the son who NEVER wants to shop so you can imagine my delight!  In the end we decided matching her dress was probably not the best so we opted for a contrasting color… what color you ask… my favorite, of course!  Gray 🙂   Her dress was a beautiful deep purple and they both looked spectacular!

I’m ending this post kinda wimpy… But my bit of advice to you is this:  Type a newsletter about yourself!  Especially if you’re down or in a funk… It will put a smile on your face, I’ll bet 🙂


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