Grandmother’s China Cabinet

What’s a Duncan Phyfe?  I really had no idea but I was a LOT younger when it was given to me.  It was a love/hat relationship.  But it did what it needed to do:  Hold things I deemed special or things my toddlers couldn’t reach or grab or break!  wpid-img_20140716_180352_118.jpg

I always dreamed of painting it.  I never thought I could acheive the finished project i dreamed in my head.  I knew nothing of chalk paint.  Let’s just say I was very pleased with the results.  This was my first chalk paint project!  Here it is after the first coat.

wpid-img_20140716_190402_517.jpgI decided to remove the strips that gave the illusion of panes and painted the hardware.  Better pictures to come!!


Pretty little table

Yep, I did it again.  I painted a piece of furniture.  Could I be addicted to this?? Well maybe but I love the details on this piece.  Our floors are dark hardwood and she was disappearing.  What better way than to let her shine but to slap on a pretty coat of paint.  wpid-wp-1414939976665.jpegYep, ASCP in Country Gray.  DSC_4409It’s she lovely?!DSC_4408DSC_4410Now she shines!

New life to old lights!

We used Rust-Oleum in Oiled Broze to give new “light to our lights!” hee hee

I didn’t take any before pictures because I was so frustrated at the time it took to tape off every glass pane.  It was literally a pain!  After the first light (there were 3) I figured out I could just haphazardly tape over the glass and then use a razor knife to cut around the panels.  Yep, blonde moment.  It was a tedious project but overall it went pretty quickly.  It took about an hour for them to dry and we had them back up on the wall in no time.  Pictures to come soon.