The sun, moon and a WIN!

My hubby is a die hard FSU fan. Actually, he’s a die hard anything sports related fan.

We took two of the boys to an FSU game recently. It was a gorgeous day for a little trip to Tallahassee.

We had a bit of a drive…. getting up and leaving the house….( on a Saturday…. earlier than I usually leave on a weekday) wasn’t too terrible. The sunrise made it totally worth it!

Yes, I was having a little fun with Snapchat… it was early!!! 

The campus was a buzz, as usual.  Davis and Ethan enjoyed the sights and sounds…. and the cheerleaders 🙂

Thankfully our seats were in the shade and we WON!! Woo-hoo!!

The drive home wasn’t eventful until we noticed the MASSIVE full moon following us home. It was amazing, truly the biggest moon I’ve seen in a while.

After our 16hr round trip we basically hit the sack as soon as we got home. Whew!

What an adventure and what a day!! GoNoles!

Give love and receive love

It’s really that simple.

We recently spent some time on the beach.

Sidebar:  We live a “stone’s throw” from some of the most beautiful beaches in the US – in my opinion – and we just don’t get out there very much, I’m sad to say.

Anyways, we went took the boat and some of the kids to the beach recently just for the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day!  We really had a great time.  I noticed my 14 yr old had been sitting in the softer sand for a while.  Letting him do his thing, I just keep an eye on him.  Eventually he got up and moved on to chasing a bird or something like that… boys will be boys.

I walked over to see what had held his concentration for such a long time and found this.images (40)

What I found absolutely melted me.

My 14 yr old, sometimes self absorbed, typical teenage son had been methodically carving a perfect heart in the sand.

What did this say to me?  His heart is full of love.

Our hearts should be filled with love.  We should give love without reservation.  In return we will receive love.

See? It’s as simple as that.


2 Years later….. My happily ever after!

I recently came across all these amazing pictures from our wedding in 2014.  It was a perfect day in so many ways…. the weather on the other hand was less than perfect.   Torrential downpours. ALL. DAY. LONG.

We dreamed of an outdoor wedding with the sun setting behind us. Umm yeah, not gonna happen right?

About 45 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to begin the rain stopped!  Can you believe it?!

Our dream came true!  We were about to marry each other on the water at sunset with our children, families and friends as witnesses.

I could really go on and on about this next statement:  Our DREAMS came true in so many different ways!  We  were and continue to be undoubtedly blessed.  EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I linked my Instagram account!

I have really enjoied Instagram lately.  I find it’s super easy to soothe my photographer personality.

I need a cool angle!!

I need cool filter!!

I need collage!!

Oh yeah!

Good stuff 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking back through some of my Instagram posts.  They are a direct representation of my daily life!

Look for it on the side… to the left, to the left! ( Or here )  Follow me!

There’s a crack in my yellow brick road???

Hi!  How have you been?!  I know, I know… it’s been a while.

I wish I could say I’ve been doing something amazing that has consumed all of my time.

Actually….. I HAVE been doing something amazing… it’s called LIVING 🙂

Don’t you agree that if you woke up this morning you are lucky?  There you are breathing, stretching, waking up to enjoy a beautiful day… coffee in hand… birds singing… happy kids… happy husband… your making your plans for this glorious day and then SOMETHING happens….

Could be the cat threw up in the hallway and you didn’t realize it until your bare foot stepped into the warm mushy pile of vomit yuk!

Could be that your water heater decided to have a blow out in the middle of the night.

Could be a devastating email or phone call.

Could be your beautiful smart adorable child did not shut the freezer all the way when he got the last ice cream sandwich… and you didn’t realize this until you came home later that day and wondered what the heck was leaking all over the garage…..( that was fun.)

It’s called LIFE.  There’s two ways to deal with it…..

Isn’t it amazing how you can be skipping along your yellow brick road and BAM! Out pops a little munchkin that throws you a curveball…. Quick!  Drop everything and catch!

When life throws me a curveball or pulls the rug out from underneath my feet, Trust me, I freak out… but then I take a deep breath (or 5) and consider what should be done.

I think I learned that in yoga… Breathe through it, Ease into the pose and you will know what your body is capable of.   That super smart, super cool, yoga instructor was awesome… I think of the way she teaches yoga often.

Life is full of surprises.  We need to breathe through them and enjoy that we are living.  What is the alternative?

I like living 🙂