Give love and receive love

It’s really that simple.

We recently spent some time on the beach.

Sidebar:  We live a “stone’s throw” from some of the most beautiful beaches in the US – in my opinion – and we just don’t get out there very much, I’m sad to say.

Anyways, we went took the boat and some of the kids to the beach recently just for the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day!  We really had a great time.  I noticed my 14 yr old had been sitting in the softer sand for a while.  Letting him do his thing, I just keep an eye on him.  Eventually he got up and moved on to chasing a bird or something like that… boys will be boys.

I walked over to see what had held his concentration for such a long time and found this.images (40)

What I found absolutely melted me.

My 14 yr old, sometimes self absorbed, typical teenage son had been methodically carving a perfect heart in the sand.

What did this say to me?  His heart is full of love.

Our hearts should be filled with love.  We should give love without reservation.  In return we will receive love.

See? It’s as simple as that.



3 thoughts on “Give love and receive love

  1. Wonder where he gets that from Mama????? Think we know !!!! A awesome Mother….. i guess when you see stuff like that we know they are going to be alright…. they all are turning out to be really good young men. Your oldest had a really good conversation with me and a customer the other day and i was taken back when Kyle left. He is really growing up crazy fast .. my customer said to tell you that you have really done a wonderful job with this kid, he was very very impressed and then said he had never seen a kid that age be so open with an adult that wasnt his actual parent. Havent seen him in a while but when we were about to go on with our day he actually gave me a hug . They all have been blessed with a lot of your self in them…. he really seems to be in a good place… loves work more than most do, and he is ready to go with us to bring you some fresh Snapper!!!!! Lol…
    Anyway just wanted say hi and what a compliment from a customer of how impressed he was with your oldest offspring…….
    See ya


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