Self Care Staples – My Favorite ways to chill

Self care is so important in our busy lives.
Here are some of my favorite things to make “me time” that much better!

  1. Under-eye masks: From Sephora and so good. $5 each – can’t beat that!
  2. Audible: I love a good motivational book but have a tough time squeezing in time to read in my busy day.  Audible to the rescue!  Currently listening to “Girl, Wash your Face” by Rachel Hollis while driving or walking.
  3. Caramel Macchiato: Target brand flavored coffee, buy the pods or a bag of grounds for a delicious cup of goodness.  (I add a bit of unsweetened Almond Milk.)
  4. Candle: Current favorite Grey Flannel. Another fab find from good ole’ Target
  5. Music: “Alexa, play smooth jazz”.  We have Alexa hooked up to our whole house and outdoor speakers and love it!! I also enjoy Pandora stations like Maroon5 and Ray LaMontagne.
  6. Netflix: Someone coined the phrase “Netflix & chill” for a good reason.
  7. Blanket: To Netflix & Chill you must have a cozy blanket.
  8. Leggings: Zella are still my favorite.  Pair them with a comfortable shirt and there ya go!

I hope this inspires you for some time to care for yourself and relax for a bit.  Even if it’s for a 20 minute eye mask session while you sip a cup of Caramel Macchiato before the kids get up.  Any time you can devote to self care is so important in our busy, busy lives.

What are your favorite ways to relax?


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