Christmas Jammies from Target!!!!

Hello. My name is Ashley and I am a Christmas Jammies junkie.

How many of you love Christmas Jammies?  The cozy, snuggly, yumminess of jammies makes my heart go pitter pat and nothing can top that except Christmas themed jammies!!   I did a major decluttering of my closet and dresser and was kinda embarrassed at the number of Christmas themed pj pants I have. (insert yikes emoji)

However many times I say wow I really have a lot of these, I cannot resist a new pair each year and matchy matchy ones for the family 🙂  I’m thinking cutesy Christmas eve/morning photo sesh – see what I did there?  I justified more Christmas jammies, sigh.

Moving on to the goods…… all can be found at Target but you’d better hurry!  The cute ones sell out quickly 🙂  Side note – I usually size up in jammies.



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