Gobble Gobble!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon I find myself drawn to recipes that call for sweet potatoes, pies and oven roasted goodies.  My husband and I are hosting Turkey Day this year.  Yipee!  I am so excited to have the family here in our home.  I know that my enthusiasm will fade and stress will take over when we reach T-minus 24 hours.  Until then I’m giddy and using all my extra time sprucing up the house.

I cant wait to pull something like this out of our oven…. The-Perfect-Roast-Turkey-Recipe Moms-Sweet-Potato-Casserole tennessee-whiskey-pecan-pie-sl-x

Kudos to these bloggers for posting such scrumptious photos and recipes!!!


3 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble!

  1. Hey Ashley, it seems you have already started preparing for Thanksgiving 🙂
    I prepared Mexican Chocolate Turkey on the Day of the Dead, juz have a look..


  2. To one of our favorite people…….
    Congrats on the new blog…
    What time is turkey gonna be ready?????
    Anyway Bridgett just showed me your site, Very Cool…..
    Tell the boys we said hello….
    See ya soon

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