pinterestCan I say I’m obsessed with Pinterest?  Is that ok?  Whoever invented this awesome-ness needs some serious recognition.  Actually, I looked it up…. (Problem solving Virgo over here) It was created by a group of GUYS!  Who knew! Here’s the link if you want to know more about Pinterest.

How did we survive without this??  Oh yeah, I’m having flashbacks to the numerous cookbooks, magazines, scraps of paper, printed recipes, recipe cut outs… it just goes on.  Boy that was a dust collecting mess I had.  I would look for a recipe only to end up making something else because I couldn’t find what I had originally looked for.  Or just wing it.   I needed some organization help, seriously!  Now I will say that I came across my grandmothers cookbook and immediately wanted to preserve it.  I have a special place in my heart for things like that.  But MY cookbook…. ain’t nobody gonna have time for that!  In fact, I think I threw it out of embarrassment :/

If you’d like to see my Pinterest you can go here.   I may have a “pinning problem” , heehee.  Some of my most favorite boards are Food and probably any of the Decor type boards I created.  I just started a Holiday board and am in the process of moving some pins around.

I hope you find something “Pin-worthy” or something that sparks a vision or inspiration.  After all, that’s what its’ all about, right?



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