The Greatest Loss

The death of a child has to be one of the most devastating things we can experience.  Not just devastating but CRIPPLING.

Someone in our community has lost their 13 year old son.  Although it was unexpected he had medical issues that kept them on their toes for most of his life.  I attended his funeral today.  I did not have the opportunity to meet this precious boy but through the beautiful things his family and friends had to say about him I knew he was special.

As his parents stood there by his open casket receiving guests, I noticed their strength.  I am not sure I could be so strong.  As his pastor spoke of him and how much he loved the song “Roar” talking of how he was a fighter, a champion, you heard the song begin to play.  His father turned to all of us and said “Aaron loved this song!” with a tear and a half smile.  We all listened and cried and knew that in that small body was a soul bigger than all of us.  And he was finally at peace.  And he was finally pain free.

My heart breaks for them.  They will constantly be reminded of his absence.  They will also be reminded of his PRESENCE.  In everything they do.  In the eyes of their daughter, his younger sister who will now be an only child.  The family pet who will search for him.  The blanket or toy or t-shirt that will turn up randomly a year from now.  I hope through all the tears they will be able to find some joy.

So many things I cannot comprehend.  I can only be there for them in their time of need.  This is what brings me peace.


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