Mother Nature’s Joke & The Sunny Gulf Coast.

Temps around here are like a vicious roller coaster. Teasing all of us with a touch of cooler, crisp weather for just a day or two then shooting back up to scorching heat and high humidity.

As you can imagine when the temps drop we get giddy with excitement and start pulling out boots, sweaters, scarfs, hats while simultaneously saying see ya later shorts, sundresses, flip flops and the other summer wardrobe necessities.

We should know by now this is mother nature’s ongoing joke.

I think she’s for real this time. *fingers crossed

None the less, Fall is when we prance around in our adorable outfits, sipping pumpkin flavored things and building fires and planning holiday gatherings…. all while planning our next adorable outfit 😊

As I was planning MY next adorable outfit I pulled out my jacket (from the depths of the coat closet) and realized it’s a tattered, faded, worn out version of brand new self from years ago.

“It’s time”

Old jacket goes into my donation pile and window shopping commences.

All these beauties are from Nordstrom and all are less than $200.

I’m going to have a hard time deciding.

Maybe a pumpkin spice latte will help.


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Joke & The Sunny Gulf Coast.

  1. Ashley I think I definitely need a pumpkin “spiced” latte … When I first began reading and saw the word temps I thought you were talking about “vicious”” temporary employees ! 😨

    From our mutual experiences I’m sure you understand that first but totally incorrect thought coming to mind. Lol


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