Pink, Mauve and Florals | My top picks for Spring

February means Spring is almost here!!!

Well, kinda.  To get to Spring weather….. crisp mornings and low humidity…. we have to get through February and March.  These can be the coldest months in the NW Florida Panhandle.   We don’t get to experience a lot of seasons.  A cold front here and there and sometimes if we are really lucky the temps will drop into the “possible snow” zone.  This is usually accompanied with school closures, mass hysteria at the grocery and everyone discussing how crazy it is that we could possibly get snow!   I agree but since it’s happened a few times over the last two months I’m more like eh, schools are gonna close and lets build a fire.  haha

I digress…. what Spring means to me is a chance to wear something different!!!

I’m sure there are plenty agreeing with me.  Thick bulky sweaters, dark colors, weather-proof boots and big jackets take a back seat!  There’s something NEW coming to town…… Neutrals, light fabrics, floral patterns, shoes that don’t cover your entire foot and most of your leg…. YES!

I’ve put together some of the items I have my eye on for Spring.  Taking in the feels of Valentine’s Day everything pink is catching my eye.  Some are already in my closet and some are sitting in the online shopping cart waiting for a sale 🙂
*Please don’t pay full price for anything unless its an emergency or you know it NEVER goes on sale*

Spring TopsBP the Perfect Checkered Button Down @ Nordstrom
BP Peplum Tee @ Nordstrom
Lush Perfect Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic @ Nordstrom
Floral Long Sleeve Dress @ Target
Chenille Flare Sleeve Open Cardigan @ Loft

Spring ShoesBP Maddy Mule
Jeffery Campbell Rosealee Bootie
Adidas Gazelle Sneaker
Sam Edelman Arielle Ankle Strap Sandal
(for a chunky heel option look for the Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal)
BP Sky Wedge
All of these beauties can be found at Nordstrom.  *wait for a sale though!


Spring BottomsMoon River Pleat Blanket Stitch Shorts @ Nordstrom
Slim Cuff pants @ Loft
AG The Legging ankle length @ Nordstrom
Modern Destructed white jeans @ Loft
Embroidered Mesh Midi Skirt @ Target
Flouncy Floral Skirt @ Loft

So there ya have it!   The super cute items that have been catching my eye lately.   What I like most is that all of these items could be worn from work to play to date night.   The other thing I like is that each of these retailers have sales ALL THE TIME!  I shop online and put things in my cart then I check back every couple days.  Or I’ll get an email regarding a sale and Boom!  I click click click and reap the rewards 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!  Please share with your friends!!

*I did not include direct links so there is no confusion over affiliate links.  I have not been compensated or given free products for this post or my ideas.  It’s 100% all my thoughts and personal opinions.




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