It’s happening again….

I’m getting inspired!!!  I’m so excited!!  I’m back!!

After Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years we had a few birthday’s.  Let’s just say I was occupied.  My creative mind was blocked by all the “real world” happenings around me.

I’m sure this happens to you….I’d look at certain areas around the house and think “ugh” and roll my eyes.  My self said to me, “Self, no time to worry about that Ernest Hemingway situation right now…. WE have presents to wrap and turkeys to roast and dinner parties to attend and throw, after Christmas un-decorating to attend to and new years outfits to squeeze into.. put down that cookie!”  Oh Yeah…. how could I forget Mardi gras??? Yep, I’ve been busy.  

Back to my Ernest Hemingway situations…. my hubby’s home was decorated in this style.  It’s very dark wood, bamboo, wicker, heavy.  Pretty in previous eras but not me at all.  Since our wedding last year I have been feverishly trying to remove all traces of “Papa”.  It has been a slow process because as I have said before I. Must. be. Inspired.

The holi-daze got me off track…..  must get back!

So fast forward 3 months and here I am meandering through my most favorite place to get some hands on inspiration, Tuesday Morning.   I take things off the shelf, put them back, hover, rearrange, inspect, all the typical obsessive things we do when we are trying to visualize something in our home.   I walk slowly around the store with my phone out taking pictures of anything that sparks my fancy.  Yes, I carry a tape measure too.  I’m THAT lady.  I have been looking for inspiration for one particular area of my home.  The entryway.  This has been a MAJOR eye rolling sore spot for me.  It has all the correct design elements.  Entry table, mirror, matching lamps.  Unfortunately it screams Ernest Hemingway.  No offense, I’m just more of a French Country gal.

Back to the point…  I found it!!!  IT being the perfect mirror!!  The perfect focal point to transform this wicker and bamboo no-no zone into something fabulous.


This is perfection!!  This is the beginning of something beautiful and very “Ashley”:)




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