Bathroom reset…. Ready Set GO!

There once was this bathroom.  It was cute.  Made for two.  Boy and girl.  Unfortunately it was one of the rooms I cringed every time I walked in.  Lime green paint, Blue and Pink polka dots too!  This has to change.  Only problem…..I wasn’t inspired.  I MUST be inspired.  I MUST have a vision.  I had nothing, nada, zero, ziltch.  Then one day it hit me!  Don’t you love it when you have that “Ah ha!” moment!  The clouds clear and finally you find what you have been looking for?  In this case it was all about color.

It was a Sunday.  Once of those relaxing Sundays there’s not really anything major to do.  My husband and I were just hanging outside enjoying our breakfast.  Fall was approaching and it was a lovely morning.  Low humidity, crisp blue sky, gentle breeze.  And BAM! My goal for the day was to paint the bathroom….  And it was going to be GRAY!!!  Hubby said What? Paint the bathroom?  Today?  Yes, dear.  It can be done. He’s such a  good sport.  A few hours later I was on the ladder painting the Lime Green away with the most beautiful gray from Sherwin Williams….Argos!  (More about my obsession with Gray here…)

Since the faucets and other fixtures in the bathroom were chrome, I decided it would be best to spray paint the mirrors a brushed nickel finish.  So I pulled out my handy dandy Rust-oleum spray paint, gave the hubs some tape and instructions and poof!  Polka dots be gone!  I’m still working on the décor but I can’t help to put yellow and gray together.  It’s so pretty.  And yes, it was finished in 3 hours 🙂  Thanks honey!DSC_4438

What was your latest vision?  Were you able to pull it off?


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